Sunday, March 6, 2016

Positive Thinking...

After reading a post I stumbled upon on Twitter from the blog Berg's Eye View,, I had to reflect on the power of positive thinking. Click here to read the post.

During this "winter lull" when morale can be at it's lowest, it can be difficult to stay positive at school and even at home. When we returned to school Thursday from yet the second "mini snow day vacation", with the piles of catch up work, trying to re-plan and reschedule meetings, lessons, and events, staff began to feel the pain. We will all manage to get through these next few weeks of catch up lessons, conferences, and meetings. If we can do it with a positive attitude, we will even get through with positive results.

Remember... when students see you smile and manage every situation in a positive way, they learn to react that way too.

Have a great week and stay positive!

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